24 April, 2013

23rd April 2013

Hi ! Assalamualaikum everyone. The purpose of I'm updating here is just that to tell you I'm still breathing. Yes,alhamdulillah praises to Allah. So what happened to me for these 2 months was, I've been offered to further my study at Segamat and luckily I got the same course I took before when I'm in diploma which is,the course that I've been dreaming for. Yeah,I still remember the very first time I reached Segamat. Going through the process of finding house by ourself ( me and my friend) , and the registering process at campus without my mum. I'm grown up now, not a lil kid anymore ey ?

What i thought was, this is the right time to start a new life with new spirit,new attitude ( better one), to fix back all the mistakes I've done when in diploma before ( studies matter ) and most importantly, to collect all the shattered pieces of myself and put them together again in order to heal my heart wounds. :)

And now, after 2 months attending classes, presenting in front of the classes like almost everyday, taking quizzes and we even had two tests in one day ( held on Saturday fyi ) , what I can say is, life went well. Forget about redbox & cool place to chill just like in KL, Segamat didn't have all that except for One Segamat where I can find all Uitm-ers during weekend but on the good side, this is the place where I can put 100% of concentration on studies. No distraction at all. Frankly speaking, though this is my first time staying away from family,I don't have any problems to adapt with the environment at all. Yet,I feel more peaceful instead. Let's see how much of pointer I can achieve at the end of this semester later on July. :)

Moving on ..

Right now I'm having a mid-sem break for 1 weeks and that is why I'm here. If not, there's no way I'm updating this blog tehehe. :D Okay back to serious mode. My family is having a hard times now regarding to financial matters because mum are busy settling about application to further study abroad for the twins. Seeing Mum going here and there just to find the sources of funds, sometimes makes me feel touched. The sacrifice of a mother is one of the greatest things that could happen in the world. I keep telling myself that Allah will not test us beyond our abilities to handle it and I believe that soon, everything gonna be fine. May Allah ease our hardship and I will not stop praying. InshaAllah. Have faith and believe in miracle. Like what Mum always said " susah susah dulu, senang- senang kemudian". Lastly, for my friends who knows what i'm going through now and willing to offer some help,thanks for your concern. My love is for you, friends. :)

"Oh Allah, All praise is due to You, no matter how long the hardship endures."

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