21 Oktober, 2012

Let's start over

Hi hi hi good morning people! Guess what ? I'm back in here but did you notice something ? Yeah,still the same layout, same URL like before, but heyyy, all my previous post before this since 2009 has disappeared. All gone. Yeah, already gone.
Okay now the story begins ...
Firstly, I'm thinking to shut it down ( this blog ) because nowadays I rarely spend my time here. I love to blog, reading others, but when it comes to me, mula lah hilang kata- kata untuk post entry. Terkedu terdiam seribu bahasa haaa kata kau.

Then, I make this blog private for a while, like 2 months cause I still can't let go this blog. Rasa macam sayang pula nak delete this URL,don't know why ? Maybe this place has served me good since 2009 kot ? Rasa sedih, sunyi, jiwa kacau & bosan je mesti datang sini publish entry.
Plus, penat- penat je before this google sana sini modified this blog template , bersusah payah tau cari all the code tu semua. Kan sayang tu nak delete blog tak tentu pasal.

The reason I delete all my post before this is because I want to. Haha. I just want to start over without looking back at all my lame writing before this,the immature me.

So to make it short, here I am now, writing for fun & for my own satisfaction.
I just realize that writing and netball is two essentials things in me. Oh, cooking to !
( Macam tak ada kena- mengena je ? )

Mari kita mulakan kembali, ya ? Bismillah.

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